Helping you find happiness through being you
Helping you find happiness through being you

And on a personal note...

Mo came to the UK from Mauritius when he was 7.  Speaking only broken French, and having only lived in the tropics, fitting into a local comprehensive mid-year in the East End of London is a very daunting thing.  Mo learnt how lonely and alienating society can be, being different, and how frightening and helpless it felt when you are being bullied.  Despite that, word soon spread among the pupils that Mo was a good person to talk to with their problems.  People find Mo comfortable and easy to speak to - in the early days of his counselling career, one of his bereavement clients said “I told my friend that this young man is so easy to speak to, I always feel so much better after I had seen him” “Very early on in life”, Mo says, “I realised the power of talk.”


It was a bank robbery where Mo worked that introduced him to counselling.  Mo was the staff member greeting the public in the foyer at the time. Two men in balaclavas rushed in during the quiet, sleepy hours of the afternoon, one held a sawn-off shotgun to his face, while the other shouted to the cashiers to empty their tills into their open bag.  As they ran out, Mo gave chase, and it was due to his intervention that the robbers were caught and the money recovered.


The bank was not prepared to offer a cash reward but instead, they sent Mo to see a counsellor.  Having experienced talking therapy first hand, Mo knew then that this was the path he wanted to take. Although he already has several Diplomas, Mo travels around the country, attending courses and workshops - adding new skills and sharpening those that he already has and today, there are now very few areas outside his remit and expertise. But then, in counselling, the learning never stops.


Over the last 20 years, Mo has worked with people from all walks of life, social and financial standing, different ethnicities, religions, and cultural and educational backgrounds. The issues that they bring have been varied and unique but somehow he seems to be able to see past the problem and been able to help.  Clients often comment how quick Mo is to understand their lives and the problems that they bring; one client said “You had me sussed within the first 5 minutes, didn’t you?”


He once told an IT professor in the late 1970s that he believed that computers are the way of the future and one day we will all have one in our home.  At the time, mainframes were so large, they occupied whole rooms.  Call it far-sightedness, intuition or a sixth sense, somehow Mo seems to be able to know how to get to the bottom of the problem and how to help.  He has seen too many relationships break down because of miscommunication, too many trapped in an unending cycle of anxiety and too many unable to lift themselves out of a well of depression, yet with the correct help, all this can be overcome. As another client said: “I never saw that coming, never imagined my life could change so much. Magic! I call you the witch-doctor!”


Mo is passionate about his work and wants to make a real difference to the lives of the people he helps.  As he puts it “I am the taxi driver, tell me where you want to go and I will get you there” and when the client puts their trust in him, Mo delivers.  He has helped hundreds of people to find themselves and find perspective in their lives, always acting with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.  “You cannot change where you come from, but you can change where you are going.”  People are often unaware of the baggage they carry from the past which influences their actions but Mo is able to show them how to deal with it and change their lives.  There are always people ready to give advice, but with Mo, you get something richer – awareness.  Advice changes situations, awareness changes lives.


Mo gives his time for free every Friday during term time to counsel children in his local primary school. He has worked with survivors of child abuse and has seen the heartbreak and pain that these clients have undergone.  He believes that if only someone had been there to help, early intervention would have made such a big difference.  He has also embarked on a specialist training to help sexual offenders to change their behaviour, thus preventing more children from being abused.





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Helping you find happiness through

being you

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