Helping you find happiness through being you
Helping you find happiness through being you



My approach to Therapy

I am a trained and experienced Relationship counsellor, EMDR & psychosexual therapist and Supervisor and would describe my orientation as Eclectic. I have trained in psychodynamic, systemic, CBT, brief solution focused, EMDR and the Adlerian approach*. I have also completed my Essentials training in working with sexual minorities (LGBT) as well as for working with Sexual Offenders. (* for an explanation of these approaches, please refer to

The way I work is by asking you questions and this helps me to listen to you and you can also learn by hearing yourself say something. Sometimes counselling is called a “talking cure” and we are going to talk here about anything that may be concerning you at the moment. If I ask you something that you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to answer it.
Counselling is about us working together and not about something I do to you. I will use my training, experience and my own intuition and understanding to help you to resolve or come to terms with your difficulties and you will undertake to work alongside me in this joint endeavour.

Confidentiality and Safety

I offer private and confidential help to my clients. I will not normally discuss your concerns with anyone other than my supervisor unless we have reason to believe that someone, especially a child, is at risk of serious harm.
Confidentiality is core to the success of good counselling. However, there are circumstances where confidentiality is difficult to sustain. These are instances when legal requirements to divulge information fall under the following Acts of Parliament: The Drug Trafficking Act 1986, The Road Traffic Act 1988, The Children’s Act 1989, The Terrorism Act 2000 and The Money Laundering Act 2007.
Should you reveal to me an intention to self harm or harm others, or disclose that you have committed a criminal offence or intends to do so, I will contact the relevant public authority to inform them of this. If I do have to breach confidentiality, I will inform you in advance if possible. For your own safety, I will need an emergency contact address and the address of your GP’s surgery. I would exercise discretion in the unlikely event I have to break confidentiality.
Violence and abuse is an issue for many people who come to me for help with their relationship. I know from my experience that in this situation, working with both partners together may not be safe. If this is so, I would help each partner to get individual specialist support from either myself or another agency. Where I am working with a couple, I will expect that anything which is disclosed by one of the couple separately (e.g. by telephone or in an individual session) can be brought into the couple sessions.
● I will not work with anyone facing prosecution.
● I do not write any letters or reports to the Courts.
● I will not appear as a witness.
● I will not be providing a character reference.
● If I am asked to do so by the Court, I will be charging a fee.
● We will not discuss any court case.

● If a child is at risk, I must report it.

You and I will always speak to each other with respect. Neither will raise voices or threaten violence or try to intimidate in any way.


Therapeutic sessions will take place in the security of my private practice at The Stables, Dye Royd Farm, Headley Lane, Thornton, Bradford BD13 3LX


Each session is for 50 minutes, and will start and end on time. The whole session time belongs to you, whether you choose to attend or not, and I will be present for the entire time of the session. If you arrive part way through your allotted time, I will see you for the remainder of the time. I will not offer your time to anyone else. If you are early, please wait in your car until your appointment time.

Prepayment scheme: Two payments will be collected on the first session, one payment made in advance (a prepayment/deposit) and no payment on the final session.

• Lateness will mean a shorter session, unfortunately.
•All booked/agreed sessions must be paid for; this includes missed or cancelled sessions.
• If a session is missed and I am not notified, the future availability of the slot cannot be guaranteed.
• If you are unable to keep your appointment, having given me more than 24 hours notice, I am happy to offer an alternative appointment.
● Appointments that are not kept (no matter what the reason), cancelled or re-scheduled within 24 hours, will be chargeable in full

Fees ***

£50.00 per session for Individual (One to one) General Counselling
£55.00 per session for Couple Relationship Counselling
£60.00 per session for Psychosexual Therapy (PST)
£60.00 per session for Stopso referrals

£60.00 per session for EMDR (Trauma) Therapy

£60.00 per hour (£90.00 for 1.5 hrs)  for Clinical Supervision

• There will be no planned contact between us outside of our booked sessions. This does not apply to calls regarding booking or altering appointments.
• Payments to be made by cash or bank transfers in Pound Sterling only. Payment by bank transfer need to be received a minimum of 48 hours before the start of the session.
• My fees will usually increase on 1st January each year.

***Fees may be subject to change, and apply to clients living in the Yorkshire area ONLY

Duration of Counselling

This is something that we will negotiate between us. We might agree to work together for a few weeks (usually 4 or 6 weeks) and then review things. Should the counselling continue thereafter, there will be periodic reviews of that work.


If a client decides to terminate therapy for any reason, at least one further session should be attended in order to finish the work undertaken in a suitable manner. I would hope to be able to give you a minimum of 1 week notice for termination of counselling/PST/EMDR should it become necessary to terminate for any reason, other than by mutual agreement.

Note taking

I will make and keep brief notes of our sessions. These will be kept in a secure place and your personal details will not be included in these notes for confidentiality reasons.
Under the Data Protection Act, clients have the right to access their notes. However, a written request has to be made and I require up to 40 days from the time I receive your request to allow you access to them. There will be a charge for each request made for viewing them. If a copy of the notes is required, this request has to be made in writing and a charge for copies will also be made. Nothing will be blanked out in the notes. In the case of couple notes, written consent from both parties to see the notes in their entirety is also required.

Alternatively, you may wish to arrange for an appointment so that you may view the notes. In this case, I will charge you for my time. This will not be a question and answer session(s) nor will it be a counselling session(s) but merely an opportunity for you to view these notes.


I am registered with BACP and CORST ( and ) and work within their ethical framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy. If you feel that I have acted unprofessionally and we are not able to resolve the matter, there is a complaint procedure.

Your confidentiality is assured - I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under the Data Protection Act 1998

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